North South Divide 3

A visual representation of the global North-South divide, illustrating the fact that the divide is not simply a matter of geographical location in the Southern Hemispheres.

Stated that a line could be drawn across the world dividing up the "north" and "south" countries according to their wealth, population, and quality of life.

See The Brandt Report and The Brandt Line on Wikipedia. Is that you, Mr. Gage? You're awesome, sir. Your students will always remember you.

Characteristics of the North Characteristics of the South
1/4 of the world's people 3/4 of the world's people
4/5 of world's income 1/5 of world's income
Average life expectancy more than 70 years Average life expectancy of 50 years
Most people have enough to eat 1/5 or more suffer from hunger and malnutrition
Most people are educated 1/2 of the people have little chance of any education
Over 90% of the world's manufacturing industry less than 10% of the world's manufacturing industry
About 96% of the world's spending on research and development 4% of the world's research and development

Recommended Changes Edit

  • Trade: fair trade
  • Multinational companies: need to be controlled, profits should stay in country
  • Money: where spent? (foreign aid money)
  • Aids: increase (especially debt repayment)
  • Oil: no sudden changes in prices
  • Disarmament: stop fighting over nothing
  • Hunger: food donations
  • Emergency funds: natural disasters, etc.
  • Migrant workers and refugees: open doors

Kerr This information is provided from the teachings of Mr. Kerr. Keep in mind that it may be slightly different from that which another teacher may have taught.