The Napoleonic Code was a new system of law drawn up for all of France by Napoleon Bonaparte

Public Education

  • extensive system of public schools called the lycées.
  • first step towards a universal public education
  • common curriculum

Government Centralization

  • Napoleon centralized all power in his own hand. It was a democracy and was far more efficient.

Concordat with the Pope

  • an agreement with the Vatican
  • confiscated church-land
  • state paid the clergy
  • Napoleon chose the higher-ups
  • church would pay taxes

The Economy

  • taxes were collected and efficiently
  • roads built
  • progressive taxes
  • commerce stimulated (Bank of France)
  • balanced the budget
  • no unemployment


  • Nation flourishes
  • Napoleon's position secure

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Kerr This information is provided from the teachings of Mr. Kerr. Keep in mind that it may be slightly different from that which another teacher may have taught.

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