Foreign Aid is a gift or grant... a designed amount of money to less fortunate countries.

Who? Edit

Government makes decisions on which countries get the aid by:

  • U.N. lists of poverty
  • Disaster lists (earthquakes, famine, etc.)
  • Direct appeal by the developing country

How? Edit

  • Supplies and goods (clothing, blankets, etc.)
  • Medical supplies and personnel -
    • Doctors, nurses, technicians
    • Vaccination
    • Rx
    • Medical equipment
    • Medical facilities
  • Education -
    • Books & and supplies
    • Schools
    • Teachers
  • Food and water supplies
  • Machinery & technology
  • Cash gifts/grants

Types of Aid Edit

  • uni-lateral - one way - country A gives and receives nothing back.
  • bi-lateral - two ways - country A gives and B reciprocates.
  • multi-lateral - many ways - many agencies and countries involved.
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