The word NATION has two different meaning. It may simply mean an independent state or country. However, it can also refer to a group of people who share such things as common attitudes, traditions, language, and values. Those who are part of a nation feel a sense of kinship with each other, and a sense of different from other people.

When this occurs, we say that feelings of nationalism exists. If they are successful in becoming politically independent they would likely form a NATION STATE with strong nationalism. Here are the elements of nationalism:

  • common language(s)
  • a common racial or ethnic background
  • common territory (land)
  • common history, tradition or religions(s)
  • common goals and interests

Many countries do not have to have all five elements but feel a great sense of national pride - Canada is one example.

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Kerr This information is provided from the teachings of Mr. Kerr. Keep in mind that it may be slightly different from that which another teacher may have taught.

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